Ort II - Surgery (SVN Sherwood) - PRN

JOB SUMMARY: Assist the surgical team under the supervision of the surgeon and registered nurse. Primarily functions as surgical assistant when appropriate (see functions of the surgical scrub and as second surgical scrub). The surgical technologist will also assist in the circulating duties as delegated by an RN.
1. Competency to Scrub and prepare For Surgical Procedures:
Consistently checks for posted assignments in a timely manner.
Checks case cart and gathers instrument and supply needs prior to surgical procedure.
Communicates procedural needs to appropriate personnel.
Performs the surgical scrub in a timely manner and according to policy and procedure.
Identifies instruments/supplies by name & use.
Organizes instruments and supplies on the sterile backfield according to standard set-up.
Arranges instruments on the mayo table and draping materials in the order of use
Follows rules in applying drapes per policy & procedure.
Demonstrates dexterity in passing instruments and supplies: passes instruments and supplies in the prescribed manner.
Maintains a clean and orderly operative field.
Handles medications on the operative field per policy & procedure.
Handles specimen on the operative field per policy & procedure.
Performs surgical counts per policy & procedure. (Instruments, Sharp, Sponge counts).
2. Competency To Assist Surgeons
Assist or independently apply draping materials according to type of surgical procedure.
Provides exposure of the operative site as directed by the surgeon.
Assists in hemostasis as directed by sponging, clamping, ligating, removing clamps, cutting sutures, using the electrocoagulation unit and suctioning.
Assist in the reduction of fractures by stabilizing and keeping the bone in alignment during the application of screws, pins, intramedullary rods, implants and/or while the bone is being drilled.
Assists in wound closure under supervision by ligating and cutting sutures. Is able to apply subcutaneous and dermal sutures.
Prepares and applies dressings independently in a timely manner.
Maintaining Patient Treatments
Obtains or verifies physicians' preferences for procedures/therapies
Participates in patient identification and verification of Op sites
Assures the presence of appropriate supplies equipment to perform procedures/therapies
Assists in therapeutic treatment or procedures according to policy and standards
Performs ongoing procedural assessment during procedures/therapies
Observes patient responses toward procedure and inform appropriate personnel for any
untoward reactions.
Ensures effective and wise use of resources, monitoring for cost containment.
4. Competency to Assist in the Circulating Duties of an R.N.
Assists in disinfecting the operating room pre and post operatively.
Assists in safely transferring patients to and from the O.R. bed.
Assists in gathering supplies and equipment for positioning the patient.
Assists in performing the surgical skin prep.
Assists in keeping the operating room well stocked with surgical supplies.
Assists in providing the patient a clean and orderly O.R. environment.
Assist in nursing interventions such as insertion of a foley catheter as delegated.
Assist the registered nurse in gathering as per facility and department policy.
Evaluates the teaching process.
5. Competency To Create & Maintain A Sterile Operative Field And Assist In Providing An Infection-Free Environment For The Patient
Complies with the eight principles of sterile technique at all times.
Consistently monitors the practice of aseptic technique and corrects any observed violations.
Complies to all infection control policies and procedures identified in the departmental manual including but not limited to: Universal Precautions, Transmission-based Precautions, TB control in the O.R., Departmental Dress Code, Controlling Traffic, Maintaining positive pressure in the O.R., Maintaining acceptable room temperatures, etc.
Education: Graduate of an accredited school of practical nursing with attendance of the core curriculum for perioperative nursing or equivalent training, and licensed to practice in the State of Arkansas; or graduate of an approved surgical technology program (one or two year program); or on-the-job trained within the St. Vincent Systems.
Unit Specific Requirements: Must have completed the required hospital and unit specific orientation period. Must be currently certified in Basic Cardiac Life Support & renewable every two years. Must be able to rotate taking surgical call (weeknights / weekends).
Experience: One year surgical experience required.
Physical Requirements: Performs tasks that will require grasping, lifting, pulling, reaching, standing for long periods of time, stooping and some repetitive movements. Must have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds and push or pull weight in excess of 100 pounds. This position is a high risk for bloodborne pathogens, respiratory hazards, chemical and physical hazards, radiological and laser hazards.
Skills: Must have the ability to perform independently as first surgical scrub and/or second surgical scrub (see duties of first and second surgical scrubs) without close supervision. Must be able to perform in a team concept environment. Must possess demonstrated knowledge, training and skills in relating with patients of different age levels as well as their physical, psychological and developmental levels.

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