Product Owner - API

Job Description SUMMARY  The Product Owner (PO) is responsible for developing, organizing, and prioritizing the Product Backlog.  The PO is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the software development team is delivering the greatest business value.  To be successful, the PO must 1) thoroughly understand the customer needs and how the product satisfies those needs, 2) engage the numerous stakeholders to understand their various interests and needs, and 3) be a flawless communicator with the software development team and stakeholders. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Elicits, writes, and maintains the master lists and backlogs of desired software functionality Works with stakeholders to ensure that backlog item documentation accurately describe desired features and deliverables. Leads stakeholders, development team, and others to ensure the development Effort assigned to backlog items are reasonably accurate. Predicts delivery dates of features using team velocity Works well with other Product Owners to enhance the delivery of cross product functionality Collaborates closely and continuously with the software development teams to manage the backlog, answer questions, and sign off on work results. Uses various techniques such as cost, cost/benefit, ROI, etc., to prioritize the product backlog (must be in line with budgetary restrictions) Defines clear priorities based on business value and has the team deliver the highest value user stories first Expresses recommendations based on client desires, product architecture, cost, quality, and delivery timelines Negotiates with the Team prior and during the Backlog Selection Meeting the Stories to be delivered each Sprint Provides support, encouragement, and recognition to the team through words and actions Develops and implements product release plans Efficiently represents the interests of everyone with a stake in the project and resulting system Constantly collaborates with the Teams on how to get the most value for the business from the selected technologies Ability to make independent intuitive and logical decisions with successful outcomes Able to mentor, interact, and ensure cross-team and cross-department cooperation Ability to present ideas and solutions to small or large audiences of clients and internal stakeholders Adaptable and flexible in "all hands on deck" production issue and crisis situations Continuously document tickets in high level detail to maintain processes and procedures Must be comfortable and familiar with war room concept during wide-ranging projects Meet departmental expectations Perform other duties as assigned by manager or management Regular and reliable attendance required                   QUALIFICATIONS Proven abilities to negotiate and plan product development priorities and direction Proven knowledge of marketing, sales, accounting, and financial practices Proven excellence in decision making, public speaking, and communication Strong knowledge of internal operations including technical support             EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE Degree in business or related field (Preferred) Minimum 1 year of ABC Financial experience Minimum 1 year of advanced DataTrak knowledge and other ABC applications; or: 8+ years' experience in Product Management, Systems Analysis or Project Management 8+ years reviewing the systems of various types such as:  Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Inventory, Scheduling, POS, EFT, and Credit Card Processing Experience in gathering requirements and documenting user needs Experience in modeling requirements through User Stories and other means Knowledge of fitness club operations and management Experience evaluating business value through ROI and NPV Experience with agile estimating and planning Experience with public speaking and presenting to groups (including internal and external stakeholders) REQUIRED SKILLS AND ABILITIES Listening skills - Ability to understand not only what people say but what they might be hesitant to say or what they may otherwise be unable to effectively communicate. Interviewing skills - Ability to talk with individuals, users, and groups about their needs and ask the right questions to surface essential requirement information Facilitation skills - Ability to lead requirements elicitation meetings and workshops Writing skills - Ability to document requirements communicate information effectively to customers, users, managers, and technical staff Organizational skills - Ability to work with the vast array of information gathered during elicitation and analysis and to cope with rapidly changing information Interpersonal skills - Ability to help negotiate priorities and to resolve conflicts among project stakeholders. BASIC SKILLS Ability to problem solve using deductive reason skills in a timely manner Basic skills including but not limited to addition, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions Flexibility and adaptability to frequent change PHYSICAL DEMANDS AND REQUIRMENTS This position may require you to provide personal cell phone with service that has the ability to connect with an enterprise email server on a continually basis Must be able to sit for prolonged periods of time Must be able to stand, walk, use hands, reach, stoop, kneel or bend, talk, and hear Must be able to interface with a standard personal computer Must be able to operate a motor vehicle and be appropriately licensed and insured Must be able to fly on a commercial airliner domestically and abroad (IF NEEDED) WORK ENVIRONMENT Moderate to loud noise level Extremely fast paced and positive Employee may be required to furnish mobile services and devices necessary to receive business communications on a continual basis; including voice, text, email, and ability to connect to ABC's enterprise email server. 00097
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

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